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Many people asked me regarding a YouTube series for the Covid-19 chatbot implementation over LinkedIn – http://tiny.cc/covid19bot

Full source code Github Link – http://tiny.cc/bestcovid19

YouTube Playlist URL :  Covid-19 ChatBot Using DialogFlow,Python,Flask,Mongo

This bot is capable of doing below things –

1. The bot should be able to answer all the queries/FAQ related to Covid-19

2. The bot should be able to show statistics worldwide, Country-wise, Indian State, District, On GoogleMap using 3rd Party API.

3. Able to send Report to User Email with Prevention Measure Attachments.

4. Able to show Help Desk, Live News, Govt Announcements, Images and Videos related to Covid-19.

5. Able to Save User-Bot conversation on Database. Kindly hit the start button on my github link if you like my work. Also, hit the subscribe and like button and in case of any query kindly comment down below

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Part-5 | Setup MongoDB Atlas|Connection with Flask & Covid-19 Chatbot | Save User & Bot Conversation

Part-6 | Integration of Chatbot with Telegram | Adding Quick Replies | End-to-End Covid-19 Chatbot

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COVID – 19 | Chat Bot | Python | Dialog Flow | Flask | Mango DB | Rapid API