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Creating a Table Heatmap in Power BI

Table Heatmap in Power BI

The Table Heatmap visual is a great way to compare data values easily and intuitively. You can create a Table Heatmap in Power BI by using conditional formatting on the Matrix visual.

So, let’s start with an example; download the sample dataset from the link below

Global Super Store Dataset

Let’s get started-

Step-1: Add a Matrix visual to the Power BI report page and drag the year, month, and sales columns into the fields section.

Matrix Visual

Matrix Visual

Step-2: Select the Matrix visual and go to the format bar, then follow these steps:

  • Style – Select None.
  • Grid – Turned on Horizontal & Vertical grid, and choose some light grey color for Horizontal & Vertical grid color. And give Row padding 5px.
  • Increase the font size for – Column header, Row header & Values.
  • Subtotals – Turned off Row Subtotals & Column subtotals.

After implementing all the above things, your visual should look like the one below:

Matrix Visual Power BI

Matrix Visual Power BI

Step-3: Right-click on the Sales column, choose Conditional Formatting, and click on Background Color.

Conditional Formatting-

Conditional Formatting-

Step-4: The background color windows dialogue box opens. Now, click on the Diverging checkbox and assign colors for minimum, center, and maximum values.

Background color

Background color

Step-5: see the output, Table heatmap has been ready.


Table-Heat Map-Power BI

How to hide sale values on visual?

Follow these steps in order to hide values on visual –

Step-1: Follow the step number-3, Right click on Sales column > Choose condition formatting > click on Font color.

Step-2: Choose same color which you select for Background color, follow step number-4.

Step-3: See the final output-

Matrix visual Table Heatmap

Matrix visual Table Heatmap

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