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SQL – Full DB Backup Script

SQL Database Script

Database backup is very important for any organization, this post explains how you can take SQL backup through SQL script.

SQL script help us to take single or multiple database backup in one-shot.

Download SQL full database backup script : SQL Database Backup Script

Description with Script

It is very easy to use, In below query we used cursor to select multiple database name one by one. And we added date time with database backup file name to maintain date wise backup.

SQL full database script

SQL full database backup script

Script executed successfully

SQL Database Script

SQL Database Script

Output of Script

After execution of script output as below
SQL Database Backup

SQL Database Backup output screen


  1. It is very easy to use.
  2. We can take multiple database backup from one script.
  3. Easy to understood.
  4. we can easily schedule this script for database backup as per your need like weekly or monthly.

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