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Unshared Y-axis for small multiple charts

Shared Y-axis SM

In this blog post, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the new features “Unshared Y-axis” and “Scale to Fit” in small multiple charts.

Microsoft introduced these features in the November 2022 updates.

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In the earlier smaller multiple charts, we could not see the separate Y-axis against each charts. And by default it shared the same y-axis for all small multiple charts.

As you can observe in the screenshot provided below, chart has only one shared Y-axis, and it is very hard to evaluate the sales trend for lower charts because it looks close to a horizontal line.

Small-Multiple-charts-Shared Y axis

Small-Multiple-charts-Shared Y axis

Now, you have the capability to plot each small multiples chart against a different y-axis and then change the automatic scaling of each axis.

Go to the Y-axis property and turn off the Shared Y-axis, by default its turn on.

Shared Y Axis

Shared Y Axis

After turn off the shared y-axis property you can see the y-axis against each small multiple charts.

Unshared Y-axis

Unshared Y-axis Small Multiple

But still it is not showing same y-axis for all charts, let’s fix it-

Enable “Scale to fit” property of Y-axis, and now see the given below screenshot-

Scale to fit y axis

Scale to fit y axis

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