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Power BI Performance Analyzer

Performance Analyzer in Power Bi

Power BI Performance Analyzer (Featured included in May 2019, only for Power BI Desktop).

In Power BI Desktop, Performance Analyzer is the best way to review and evaluate each of your report elements, such as visuals and DAX formulas, are performing.

It helps us in understanding how the performance of the visuals can be optimized. Performance analyzer collects and displays the performance information of each visuals or DAX formula in real time.

So each time you click or interact with any visual, Performance Analyzer immediately displays the performance results in its pane.

Let’s start with an example

Step-1: Open Power BI file.

Step-2: Enable the Performance Analyzer by clicking the Performance Analyzer in the Optimize tab of Power BI Desktop.

Performance Analyzer Power BI 2023

Performance Analyzer Power BI 2023

Step-3: Click on Start recording.

Power Bi - Performance Analyzer Screen

Power Bi – Performance Analyzer Screen

Step-4: After that click on Refresh visuals.

Power Bi Performance Analyzer Recording

Power Bi Performance Analyzer Recording

Power BI will track three items which include the Visual Display, the DAX Query, and  all Other category.

DAX Query: The length of time it takes for Analysis Service to run the query.

Visual Display: How long it takes for the visual to draw them on the screen.

Other: This is the time spent waiting for other operations to complete.

The Performance Analyzer pane captures the Duration time in milliseconds for each visual in the page.

The Duration (ms) values indicate the difference between a start and end timestamp for each operation. Most visual operations execute sequentially on a single User Interface thread, which is shared by multiple operations.

You can save the result of Performance Analyzer by selecting the Export button and Export creates a .json file with information from the Performance Analyzer pane.

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