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Power BI Report Page Tooltips

Tooltips in Power bi

Power BI Report Page Tooltips is very cool feature of Power BI Desktop, it help us to explore our visuals more deeper and it is very easy to use. Tooltips appears when the cursor is hovering over a visual.

Let’s start with an example, if you don’t have sample dataset you can download the same from below link

Power Bi - ToolTips Sample Dataset

Power Bi – ToolTips Sample Dataset

Now create two separate pages, one main page & second for Tooltips:-

First page : 

Display ‘Product category‘ wise ‘Sales’ to using Pie chart visual. Follow below steps for this:

  • Create one page and give name it Pie chart
  • Then drag one Pie chart visual from visualizations pane and drag ‘Product Category‘ field into Legend & ‘Sales‘ into Values, see below screen shots for ref.

Second page:

Display ‘Region’ wise ‘Sales’ as a Clustered column chart. Follow below steps for this:

Set page size type as a Tooltip.

  • Click anywhere on page then go to format section, see below left side screen shot.
  • Then click on Page Size and select page size type Tooltip, by default it is 16.9.
  • Then go to View menu tab, and under Page View select  ‘Actual Size’, see below right side screen shot

After this take one Clustered column chart and drag Product Category, Region & Sales on it.

Now finish first page remaining steps and they are:

  • Select Pie chart visual, then go to format section and enable Tooltip under Tooltip section.
  • After that select Tooltip page name from Page section.
  • Now go to the Pie chart page and hover the mouse on chart, you will see Tooltip with Region wise Sales data.

Note: In both page at-least one fields should be common, otherwise Report Page Tooltips will not work.

Watch Practical video :-


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