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Create a Resource Group in Microsoft Azure

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A resource group is a container that holds related resources for an Azure solution.

The resources groups are logical collections of virtual machines, storage accounts, virtual networks, web apps, databases, or database servers.

The resource group can include all the resources for the solution, or only those resources that you want to manage as a group.

Also, It stores the metadata for the resources. Therefore, when you assign a location for the resource group, you are specifying where that metadata is stored.

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Follow these steps to create a Resource Group

Step-1: Login in to the Azure Portal https://portal.azure.com/

Step-2: In Home Page > Click to Resource Group.

Resource Group

Resource Group

Step-3: Click to +Add button.

Add Resource Group

Add Resource Group

Step-4: Select your subscription & Assign the resource group name.

  • Subscription: Select your subscription.
  • Resource group: Enter a new resource group name.
  • Region: Choose the region for resource group, also you can set the default suggested region.
Resource Group name details

Resource Group name details

Step-5: Click to “Review + Create” then click “Create” button, it might take few seconds to create.

After that it will navigate to you resource group dashboard and you can see the resource group created by you.

Resource group dashboard

Resource group dashboard

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