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Power BI – Quick Measures

Quick Measures in Power Bi

Quick measures are Pre-built or you can say readymade measures. You don’t have to write DAX formula for this, it’s done for you based on input you provide in a quick measure dialog box.

Also it help to you write or understand the DAX formula. So, Let’s start with an example,  you can download the sample Dataset from below link-

Follow the below steps-

Step-1: Open Power BI file & Load Sample data set.

Step-2: Right click on ‘Orders’ data set > Then click on ‘New quick measure’

Quick Measure

Quick Measure

Step-3: After that Quick measure dialog box appears and then select calculations.

Quick Measure Calculation

Quick Measure

Quick measure provides five type categories of calculations and they are-

  • Aggregate per category
  • Filters
  • Time intelligence
  • Totals
  • Mathematical operations
  • Text

So, let’s start with Mathematical operations, Sample data set screen shot as below-

Sample Data for Power Bi

Sample Data for Power Bi

Now add ‘unit Price’ & ‘Profit’ fields to using quick measure Addition Calculation.

Mathematical Operations

Mathematical Operations

Drag ‘Profit’ & ‘Unit Price’ fields under Base value box and Value to add then click on OK button for further proceed.

Addition Calculation quick measure

Addition Calculation quick measure

Created measure by Quick Measures as below

Unit Price plus Profit =

SUM(‘Orders'[Unit Price]) + SUM(‘Orders'[Profit])

Now drag new measure into table visual and it will returns sum of Profit & Unit Price as  in new column.

Same you can play with another calculations, process will be same.

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