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DAX – LOWER Function

LOWER DAX Functions

The LOWER function in Power BI is a Text function used to convert a given text string to lowercase.

It’s particularly useful for standardizing text for comparisons or display purposes. It comes under Text function Dax category.




S no. Parameter Description
1 String The text you want convert into lowercase.

Let’s begin with an illustrative example:

Step-1: Sample Dataset as below:

Sample Dataset for DAX String Functions

Sample Dataset for DAX String Functions

Step-2: Create a new column, right-click on the dataset and select “New Column.”

Create New Column

Create New Column

Step-3: After that DAX formula screen appears.

Step-4: Write the following DAX formula to convert the strings in the “Product Subcategory” column to lowercase, and then press Enter.

LowerCase = LOWER(Orders[Product Sub-Category])

Step-5: Now Drag new column to Table visual & output as below.

Lower function Output

Lower function Output

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