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DAX – LEFT Function

LEFT DAX Functions

Returns the specified number of characters from the start of a text string. It come under Text function Dax category.


LEFT(<Text> , <NumberOfCharacters> )


SNo. Parameter Description
1 Text The text string containing the characters you want to extract.
2 NumberOfCharacters This is Optional, The number of characters you want LEFT to extract.
If omitted, default is 1.

Let’s start with an example:

Step-1: Sample Dataset as below:

Sample Dataset for DAX String Functions

Sample Dataset for DAX String Functions

Step-2: Create a new column, right-click on the dataset and select “New column.”

Create New Column

Create New Column

Step-3: Now, let’s write the LEFT DAX function with one parameter. This function returns the first character from the left side of the text.

Left_Default = LEFT(Orders[Product Sub-Category])

Step-4: Add an additional column and utilize the LEFT DAX function with two parameters. This function extracts the first five characters from the left side of the given data.

Left_With_Position = LEFT(Orders[Product Sub-Category],5)

Step-5: Drag both of the new columns onto the Table visual and observe the resulting output.

LEFT DAX Function

LEFT DAX Function

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