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DAX – IF Function

IF DAX Function

IF DAX function is used to checks a condition, and returns one value when it’s TRUE, otherwise it returns a second value. It’s comes under Logical DAX function category.


IF(<logical_test>, <value_if_true>[, <value_if_false>])


S  no. Parameter Description
1 logical_test Any value or expression that can be evaluated to TRUE or FALSE.
2 value_if_true The value that’s returned if the logical test is TRUE.
3 value_if_false (Optional) The value that’s returned if the logical test is FALSE. If omitted, BLANK is returned.

So, Let’s start with an example,  you can download the sample Dataset from below link

Step-1: Create one measure and write IF condition as mentioned below.

IF Condition =
Var TotalSales = SUM(Orders[Sales])
IF(TotalSales >= 100000, "Profit", "Loss")

Step-2 : Create a another measure for nested IF condition.

Nested_IF =
Var TotalSales= SUM(Orders[Sales])
IF(TotalSales<50000, "Low",
IF(TotalSales>50000 && TotalSales< 100000, "Medium",
IF(TotalSales>100000, "High",

Step-3: Drag both measures to Table visual

IF DAX function

IF DAX function

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