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DAX – SUMMARIZE function


Returns a summary table for the requested totals over a set of groups. It comes under Table Manipulation DAX Functions category.


SUMMARIZE (<table>, <groupBy_columnName>, <groupBy_columnName> …, 
   <name>, <expression> …)


S no. Parameter Description
1 table Any DAX expression that returns a table of data.
2 groupBy_columnName (Optional) The qualified name of an existing column to be used to create summary groups based on the values found in it. This parameter cannot be an expression.
3 name The name given to a total or summarize column, enclosed in double quotes.
4 expression Any DAX expression that returns a single scalar value, where the expression is to be evaluated multiple times (for each row/context).

Let’s begin with an example. You can download the sample dataset from the link below:

Step 1: Go to Modeling tab and click to Table

Create table

Create table

Step 2: DAX for Summarize table

Summarize Table =

SUMMARIZE(Orders,--- Table Name
Orders[Region], Orders[Product Category],--- Group by columns name
"Total Sale", SUM(Orders[Sales]),--- New column name with expression
"Total Profit", SUM(Orders[Profit]),--- New column name with expression
"Total Discount", SUM(Orders[Discount]),--- New column name with expression
"Total UnitPrice", SUM(Orders[Unit Price])--- New column name with expression



Summarize Table Output

Summarize Table Output

Now you can perform other operations with this summarize table-

East Sale = CALCULATE(
SUM('Summarize Table'[Total Sale]),
FILTER('Summarize Table', 'Summarize Table'[Region]="East"))

Summarize DAX with Filter

Summarize Table with filter =
Orders[Region], Orders[Product Category],
"Total Sale", SUMX(FILTER(Orders, Orders[Region] in {"East","Central"}), Orders[Sales]),
"Total Profit", SUM(Orders[Profit]),
"Total Discount", SUM(Orders[Discount]),
"Total UnitPrice", SUM(Orders[Unit Price])


Summarize with Filter

Summarize with Filter

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