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EXACT DAX Function

EXACT-DAX Function

It’s a Text function that used to compares two text strings and returns TRUE if they are exactly the same, otherwise returns FALSE. EXACT is case-sensitive but ignores formatting differences.




text1– The first text string or column that contains text.

text2– The second text string or column that contains text.

Sample dataset as below-

ID col1 col2
1 123 123
2 125 178
3 Bike Bus
4 Cycle Cycle
5 Hello Hello
6 878 567
8 INDIA india

Let’s start with an example-

As observed in the above sample dataset, we have two columns, “col1” and “col2.” Our next step involves comparing the values within these two columns.

Now, add a calculated column and write below DAX function-

Exact Result = EXACT('Sample'[col1], 'Sample'[col2])

Here, EXACT DAX function will compare both columns values and if they are exactly the same it will returns TRUE, otherwise returns FALSE and it  is case-sensitive DAX function.

Exact dax function result

Exact dax function result

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