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DataTable DAX function

Datatable is a DAX function. By using this function, you can create a static dataset/table in Power BI that cannot be refreshed, but you can modify it.


DATATABLE (column1, datatype1, 
coulmn2, datatype2, 
 {value1, value2},
 {value3, value4 } 


S no. Parameter Description
1 column A column name to be defined and it is repeatable
2 datatype Specify the column data type and it is repeatable
3 value The value for the table

Power BI Data Types as below:

  • BOOLEAN (True/False)
  • CURRENCY (Fixed Decimal Number)
  • DATETIME (Date/Time)
  • DOUBLE (Decimal Number)
  • INTEGER (Whole Number)
  • STRING (Text)

Let’s start with an example

Step-1: Go to Modeling tab and click on New table

Power Bi Modeling- New table

Power Bi Modeling- New table

Step-2: After click one DAX formula screen appears, write DAX formula here for static table and press enter key.

Table in Power Bi

Sales_Range_Datatable =


"Sales Range", STRING,

"Min Sales", INTEGER,

"Max Sales", INTEGER,


{ "Low", 0, 1000 },

{ "Medium", 1001, 10000 },

{ "High", 10001, 50000 }



Step-3: Table created successfully.


Step-4: Final output of table.

DataTable DAX function

DataTable DAX function

How we can Modify or Add  DATATABLE records?

  • Double click on Datatable dataset name
  • Then DAX formula screen appears, change existing values or add new rows & columns
  • Then press enter key

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