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DAX – UNION function

Power Bi Union Example

UNION is a Power BI DAX function, it is used to combine two or more tables rows. Its comes under Table Manipulation DAX Functions category.

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Points to be remember:

  • The tables should be same number of columns.
  • Columns are combined by position in their respective tables.
  • The column names in the return table will match the column names in the first Table.
  • It returns the all tables rows, including duplicate rows.


UNION ( <Table 1>, <Table 2> …. ,<table N>)


S no. Parameter Description
1 table name A table that will participate in the union and it is repeatable.

Let’s start with an example

Step 1: Two sample tables with data as below

Step 2: Go to Modeling Tab, click on New Table

How to take New Table in Power Bi

How to take New Table in Power Bi

Step 3: After that one DAX formula screen appears, write below query there

Table_1 : First table name

Table_2: Second table name

Union_Result = UNION(Table_1,Table_2)
Union Query

Union Query

Step 4: Returns the output as a new table(Union_Result).

table 3

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