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Hierarchy Chart By Akvelon custom visual in Power BI

Hierarchy Chart Custom Visual

The Hierarchy Chart is used to displays hierarchical data in a tree format. It is custom visual and certified by Microsoft Power BI.

Let’s Get started

Firstly, prepare the dataset as in hierarchical way, see the dataset as given below:-

CustId Dept Customer Parent Id
1 Manager Sandeep Raturi
2 Team Lead Antonio Moreno 1
3 Team Lead Aria Cruz 1
4 Team Lead Dinesh Raturi 1
5 Developer Matt 4
6 Developer Jhon 4
7 Developer Jacobs 2
8 Developer David 3

Now follow these steps in order to create a Hierarchy chart:-

Step-1: Click on ellipsis icon under Visualization Pane > then click on Get more visuals.

Import Custom visual

Step-2: After that one pop-up window will be open, enter your power bi account mail id & password. If you already logged In into power bi desktop then this window will not come.

Step-3: After logged In, you will see the Power BI visual pop-up window. Now follow these steps-

Under AppSource Tab > Select Category “All” > Search for “Hierarchy chart” > Click on Add button

Add Hierarchy Chart custom visual

Add Hierarchy Chart custom visual

Step-4: Visual imported successfully, now drag visual & columns to report page.

Hierarchy Chart Power BI

Hierarchy Chart Power BI

Format the Hierarchy Chart

Select the visual and go to format bar & follow these properties-

General: Allows you to set X axis, Y axis, width & height for chart.

Levels: Here, you can mange the controls(+,-) for chart and can set the depth control for chart.

Hierarchy Chart Property Levels

Hierarchy Chart Property Levels

Types Colors: Change the colors for levels

Hierarchy Chart Property Types colors

Hierarchy Chart Property Types colors

Nodes: Allows you to set the height, width, font color, font size for levels, also you can change the shape of hierarchy.

Hierarchy chart property Nodes

Hierarchy chart property Nodes

Legend: Set legend Title, Font color, Text size & Position for legend.

Links: Change the link colors of nodes.

Collapse & Expend the Hierarchy Levels

You can Show & hide the level of Hierarchy to click on + & Icon.

Show hide Hierarchy levels

Show hide Hierarchy levels

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  1. Gerardo Ariel Ferraro

    Is it possible to rotate the nodes? I’m getting nodes with vertical text by default, and I do not know how to change it. Thanks!

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