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Power BI – Donut chart

Donut Chart in Power Bi Desktop

Power BI Donut chart(Doughnut chart) is similar to a pie chart in that it shows the relationship of parts to a whole,  where all pieces together represent 100%.

Donut Chart in Power Bi Desktop charts are useful when you want to display small categories of data & avoid for many categories, or when categories do not sum to 100%.


So, Let’s start with an example

Step-1: Open Power Bi file and take Donut Chart  from Visualization Pane to Power Bi Report page.

Step-2: Click any where on Donut Chart & drag columns to Fields Section, see below image for reference.

  • Legend: ‘Region’
  • Value: ‘Sales’

Doughnut Chart

Step-3: Donut chart provides multiple Label Style like-

  • Category
  • Data Value
  • Percent of total
  • Category, data value
  • Category, percent of total
  • Data value, percent of total
  • All details labels

Few Label Style example are:-

Label Style : Category, percent of total

Doughnut Chart Example 1

Donut Chart Example 1

Label Style : All details labels

Doughnut Chart Example 2

Donut Chart Example 2

Step-4: Now set Chart font size, font family, Title name, Legend & Data labels colors.

Click any where on chart then go to Format Section & set below properties-

  • Legend: Allows you to set position, Legend name, color, font size, font family.
  • General: Allows you to set X axis, Y axis, width & height of  Bar chart.
  • Data colors: Using this section you can change the colors used for each series in the chart.
  • Detail labels: Its enable values on chart & you can change Label style, color, background color, display unit and many more of Data labels.
  • Title: Specified the Title name for Chart.
Doughnut Chart Properties

Donut Chart Properties

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