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Power BI – Line Chart

Line chart formatting PBI 2023

Power BI Line chart is used to show change or trends over a period of time. This chart is particularly effective for showing trends over time and highlighting changes in data values.

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Let’s start with an example

Step-1:Download Sample data : SuperStoreUS-2015.xlxs

Step-2: Add a Line Chart to the Power BI Report page.

Step-3: Click anywhere on the Line Chart, then drag the required columns to the Fields section. You can refer to the image below for a visual reference.

  • X-axis: ‘Product Category’
  • Y-axis: ‘Sales’ & ‘Profit’
Line chart Power BI 2023

Line chart Power BI 2023

How to format Line Chart?

Select the chart > Click on “Format your visual tab”> From there, you can manage the properties listed below:

General Tab

Properties: In this section you can manage the chart height, width, horizontal & vertical position.

Title: Under general tab you can see the title section> Here you can set the below properties-

        • Title- Specified the title for chart, & manage the font size, color, background for chart.
        • Subtitle- Specified the subtitle for chart, & manage the font size, color, background for chart.
        • Divider- Enable the line between Title & chart.
        • Spacing- Manage the space between title, Subtitle & chart area.

Visual Tab

  • X-Axis: Set the font size, font family, color and title for x-axis.
  • Y-Axis: Set the font size, font family, color and title for y-axis.
  • Secondary Y-axis: Set the font size, font family, color, display units & title for secondary y-axis.
  • Lines: Under line section you can manage the following properties:
    • Data colors: Using this section you can change the colors used for each series in the chart & customize the all line color individually.
    • Shapes: You can enable markers on Line &  customize the marker shapes for all lines individually.
  • Data labels: Its enable values on Line chart.
  • Markers: Using this you can enable markers on line &  customize the marker shapes & color for all lines individually.
  • Series labels: Display the series labels on the visual.
  • Zoom Slider: Enables zoom feature on chart, using this you can easily saw the small values on chart.
Line chart formatting PBI 2023

Line chart formatting PBI 2023

Key features of a Line Chart in Power BI include:

  • Time-Series Analysis: Line charts are often used to visualize data over time, making them suitable for tracking trends, patterns, and changes.
  • Data Comparison: Line charts are valuable for comparing multiple data series and understanding how they relate to each other.
  • Connected Data Points: Each data point is connected with a line, helping to visualize the continuity of data trends.
  • Axis Labels: The x-axis represents time or another continuous variable, while the y-axis represents the values.
  • Data Points: Data points can be emphasized with markers, making them more prominent.
  • Color Coding: Different line series are typically displayed using distinct colors for easy differentiation.
  • Legend: The legend helps identify the line series and their corresponding colors.
  • Tooltip: Hovering over a data point provides detailed information about the value it represents.

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