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Power BI Treemap

Treemap visual Power BI

Treemap is used to display large amounts of hierarchical data in Rectangle boxes.

Each level of the hierarchy is represented by a colored rectangle, known as “branch”. If you add a category into the Details section of the visual, it will divide the branch into smaller “leaves”, hence the name Treemap.

Now, let’s dive into an example. Feel free to download the sample dataset from the link provided below:

Step-1: Add a Treemap visual into your report page, follow these steps:

    1. Drag and drop the Treemap visual onto the report page canvas.
    2. Place the “Sub-Category” field into the Category section.
    3. Place the “Sales” field into the Values section.
Treemap visual

Treemap visual

Step-2: “Drag “Category” to the Category section, “Sub Category” to the Details section, and “Sales” to the Values section.”

Now you can view the sales categorized by ‘Sub Category’ within each rectangular box representing a category.

Treemap visual with Data

Treemap visual with Data

Now, let’s configure the formatting for the Treemap visual by adjusting some essential properties:

Select the chart > Click on “Format your visual tab”> From there, you can manage the properties listed below:

General Tab

Properties: In this section you can manage the chart height, width, horizontal & vertical position.

Title: Under general tab you can see the title section> Here you can set the below properties-

      • Title- Specified the title for chart, & manage the font size, color, background for chart.
      • Subtitle- Specified the subtitle for chart, & manage the font size, color, background for chart.
      • Divider- Enable the line between Title & chart.
      • Spacing- Manage the space between title, Subtitle & chart area.

Visual Tab

  • Colors: Using this section you can change the colors used for each category in the visual.
  • Legend: Specified the Legend Text color, font size, Position & Title.
  • Category labels: Its enables the categories name on Treemap.
  • Data labels: Its enable values on visual & you can change the color, background color, display unit, font size, font family of Data labels.
Treemap visual formatting Power BI

Treemap visual formatting Power BI

When to use a Treemap?

  • To display large amounts of hierarchical data.
  • When a bar chart can’t effectively handle the large number of values.
  • To show the proportions between each part and the whole.
  • Show the pattern of the distribution of the measure across each level of categories in the hierarchy.
  • To show attributes using size and color coding.

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