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Power BI – 100% Stacked Bar Chart

100 Stacked Bar Chart in Power Bi Desktop

Power BI 100% stacked bar chart is used to display relative percentage of multiple data series in stacked bars, where the total (cumulative) of each stacked bar always equals 100%.

In a 100% stacked bar chart, Axis is represented on Y-axis and Value on X-axis.

Let’s start with an example

Step-1:  Download Sample data : SuperStoreUS-2015.xlxs

Step-2: Open Power Bi file and drag 100% Stacked Bar chart into Power Bi Report page.

Step-3: Now drag columns into Fields section, see below image for your ref.

  • Axis: ‘Region’
  • Legend: ‘Product Category’
  • Value: ‘Sales’
100% Stacked Bar Chart Visualization

100% Stacked Bar Chart Visualization

Required Fields descriptions

  • Axis: Specify the Column that represent the Horizontal Bars.
  • Legend: Specify the Column to divide the Horizontal Bars.
  • Values: Any Numeric value such as Sales amount, Total Sales etc.

Step-4: Set Chart font size, font family, X axis, Y axis, Title name & Data labels colors.

Click any where on chart then go to Format Section & set below properties-

  • General: Allows you to set X axis, Y axis, width & height of  Bar chart.
  • Data colors: Using this section you can change the colors used for each series in the chart.
  • Y-Axis: Using this section allows you to modify the appearance of the Y-Axis section of this chart.
  • X-Axis: Using this section allows you to modify the appearance of the X-Axis section of this chart.
  • Data labels: Its enable values on bar chart.
  • Title: Specified the Title name for Chart.


Stacked Bar Chart Properties

100% Stacked Bar Chart Properties

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