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Power BI – Multi-Row Card Visualization

Multi - Row Card Visual

The Multi-Row Card visual in Power BI allows you to display multiple values from a dataset in a tabular format, allowing you to showcase multiple rows of data in a card-style layout.

This visual is particularly useful when you want to present detailed information for each data item while conserving space on the report page.

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Let’s start with an example:

If you don’t have a sample dataset, you can download from here- SuperStoreUS-2015.xlxs

Step-1: Get data using SQL Data Source or Excel file into Power BI.

Step-2: Add a Multi-row card visual from visualization pane.

Step-3: Drag the “Sales” and “Product Category” fields to the Fields section.

Multirow card visual PBI 2023

Multirow card visual PBI 2023

Formatting Multi-Row Card-

You can customize the font size, font family, and background colors of the card. Follow these steps:

Select card visual and go to Format section and use below properties:

Callout value: Change the font color, font size etc.

Category labels: Show & hide column name on Card, change font size, font family etc.

Card Title: Enable/ Disable Text on card like (Region name).

Card: In this section you can manage the –

  1. Title font size, font family and color.
  2. Accent Bar color and width
  3. Style: Here you can manage the border style for card visual, outline & background color, and padding.

General: Provide some options-

  1. Properties: Manage the height and width Position & padding for the card visual.
  2. Title: In this section you can manage the title, subtitle, divider and spacing for card visual.
  3. Effects: you can change the card background & Border color. Also you can manage the shadow effect for card visual.
Multi row card visual formatting 2023

Multi row card visual formatting 2023

Key features of the Multi-Row Card visual in Power BI include:

  • Tabular Display: The visual presents data in rows and columns, resembling a table layout within a card format.
  • Multiple Rows: Unlike a single-card visualization, the Multi-Row Card displays multiple rows of data, making it suitable for showing various records.
  • Customizable Fields: You can choose which fields to display and customize their formatting.
  • Compact Representation: It enables efficient utilization of space on the report page while still providing detailed information.
  • Value Formatting: You can adjust the format of data values, such as number formatting or date display.
  • Conditional Formatting: Apply conditional formatting to highlight specific data based on rules you define.

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