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Power BI – Multi-Row Card Visualization

Multi - Row Card Visual

Power BI Multi-Row Card visual is used to display summary data or you can say data in group format.

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Let’s start with an example:

If you don’t have sample data set you can download the same: SuperStoreUS-2015.xlxs

Step-1: Get data using SQL Data Source or Excel file into Power BI.

Step-2: Take Multi-row card visual from Visualization Pane

Power Bi Multi Row Card

Power Bi Multi Row Card

Step-3: Now drag Sales & Product Category to Fields section.

Power Bi Multi-row card

Power BI Multi-row card

Step-4: As expected, it group by the ‘product category’ and returns the sum of ‘sales‘ value.

Formatting Multi-Row Card-

You can change the font size, font family & background colors of Card, follow below steps:

Click any where on card and go to Format section and use below properties:

General: Mange card height, width & X axis , Y-axis position.

Data label: Change values font color, font size, display unit etc.

Category: Show & hide column name on Card, change font size, font family etc.

Card Title: Enable/ Disable Text on card like (Region name).

Card: This property provides some option-

  • Outline: You can enable Top, Bottom, Left & Right outline for card.
  • Outline color: You can change the color for outline.
  • Outline weight: Increase/ decrease outline weight.
  • Show bar: Enable/ Disable bar line before row.
  • Bar color: Change bar color.
  • Bar thickness: Increase/ decrease thickness for bar line.
  • Padding: Mange padding between rows.
  • Background: Change background color for card.

Title: You can give any Title to Card & change the font size, font family, alignment & background color of card.

Background color: you can change Card background color.

Border: Give border to card & change border color.

Multi-row card output

Multi-row card output

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