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DAX shortcut keys in Power BI Desktop

DAX shortcut keys

Are you familiar with DAX formula shortcut keys? In this post, you will discover some essential DAX editor shortcut keys.

These 12 shortcut keys are extremely helpful and can significantly streamline your work when using the DAX editor. Let’s dive right in!

#1 – Insert a new line below: (Shift + Enter)

To use the Shift+Enter key combination, you can move to a new line of code or, in other words, add a new line below.

DAX insert new line

DAX insert new line

#2- Insert line above: (Ctrl + Shift + Enter)

To add a new line just above your current line, use Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

DAX insert line above

DAX insert line above

#3- Select the current line: (Ctrl + I)

To use this feature, you can select the current line, click on the line you want to select, and then press Ctrl + I.

DAX select current line

DAX select current line

#4- Comment a line – (Ctrl + K + C)

You can comment multiline DAX code by selecting the lines you want to comment and then pressing Ctrl + K + C together.

DAX comment multiline

DAX comment multiline

#5-  Uncomment a line – (Ctrl + K + U)

To uncomment multiline DAX code, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + K + U.

#6- Single line comment – (- -) and (//)

For single-line comments, you can use a double hyphen (– ) or double forward slash (//) at the beginning of the line that you want to comment.

DAX Shortcuts =


#7- Increase font size – (Ctrl + + key)

To increase the font size for a DAX formula, you can use the “Ctrl” key in combination with the “+” key.

DAX Increase font Size

DAX Increase font Size

#8- Decrease font size – (Ctrl + – key)

To decrease the font size for a DAX formula, you can use the Ctrl + – key combination.

DAX decrease font size

DAX decrease font size

#9- Move line Up & down – (Alt + Up arrow key) / (Alt + Down arrow key)

You can move DAX code lines up and down by placing the cursor on the line you wish to reposition.

For Up:  Alt +Up arrow key

For Down:  Alt + Down arrow key

Dax move line down

Dax move line down

#10- Copy line Up & Down – (Shift + Alt +Up arrow key) / (Shift + Alt +Down arrow key)

To copy a DAX line of code up or down, place the cursor on the line you want to copy and press the Shift + Alt keys while using the up or down arrow key.

For copy line up: Shift + Alt + Up arrow key

For copy line up:  Shift + Alt + Down arrow key

DAX copy line

DAX copy line

#11- Deleting a full line of code – (Ctrl + Shift + K)

Place the cursor anywhere in the line you wish to delete entirely and press Ctrl + Shift + K.

#12- Go to the Start and End line of code – (Ctrl + Home ) and (Ctrl + End)

  • Ctrl + Home :  Point cursor start of the Code
  • Ctrl + End :  Point cursor end of the Code

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