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Display Top 2 products for each region in Power BI

TOP two products DAX

In this post I will show you how you can find TOP 2 products under each region sales wise in Power BI using DAX function.

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Let’s get started-

Download the sample Dataset from below link-

Follow these steps in order to get TOP 2 products under each region-

Step-1: Drag three columns into Table visual – Region, Product name & Sales.

Dataset format

Dataset format

Step-2: Create a measure for Total Sale.

Total Sales = SUM('Global-Superstore'[Sales])

Step-3: Create another measure to get TOP 2 Products

Top 2 Prodcuts =
Var GetProducts = VALUES('Global-Superstore'[Product Name])
CALCULATE([Total Sales],
TOPN(2, ALL('Global-Superstore'[Product Name]), [Total Sales]), GetProducts)

VALUES: It returns one column table with distinct values from specified column.

ALL: Returns all the rows in a table, or all the values in a column, read in details…

TOPN: Returns the top N rows of the specified table.

Step-4: Now, drag the measure column into the Table visual, replacing the Sales column.



In above screen shot you can see the final result, it is showing TOP 2 selling products under each region.

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