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Power BI – Top N filters


TOP N filters works same like TOP Clause in SQL Server, It filtered and returns the data according to specified number by you.

Suppose you have 100 products and you are interested to see only TOP 5 products sales value then you can use TOP N filter and pass ‘5’ in place of N.

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Let’s start with an example:

if you don’t have sample data set you can download the same from below link.

Step 1: Drag Clustered column chart in Power Bi Page from Visualization Pane, then select chart and follow below steps:

  • Axis: Drag ‘Region‘ from Orders dataset
  • Legend: Drag ‘Product-Sub-Category’ from Orders dataset
  • Value: Drag ‘Sales’ from Orders dataset
Clustered Column Chart

Clustered Column Chart

Step 2: If you noticed, each Region have more then 10 to 15 Products sub categories but you want to see only top 5 sales products in each region, follow below steps for this:

  • Click any where on existing chart, then open right side Filters Pane.
  • Now click on down arrow icon, refer left image.
  • After click, select Top N from Filter type drop down, and give items number- refer right image
  • Now click on Apply filters and see TOP 5 sales data region wise.
TOP 5 Sales region wise

TOP 5 Sales region wise

Example 2:

Suppose, you have four regions sales data in Pie Chart.

Power Bi Visual Pie Chart

Power Bi Visual Pie Chart

But you are interested to see only TOP 2 region sales data in Pie chart, so for this follow the same steps as you follow earlier for chart.

After click on Apply filter, result as below:

TOP N with Pie Chart

TOP 2 Sales – Pie Chart

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