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How to make DAX formula easy to read?

Ref by :- DAX Formatter

Multiline DAX formula without proper DAX format is very complicated to read anyone. And also it is not good practice to write DAX formula, so your DAX formula should be in proper format.

Using DAX formatter you can convert your long lines DAX formula in readable format.

Let’s assume, you have DAX formula like as below

Union_Result = UNION(Table_1,Table_2,Table_1,Table_2,Table_1,

DAX formula

DAX formula

This formula is not in proper format or easy to read, so now we convert it into proper format.

Follow the below steps:

Reference from : Dax formatter

Image Reference from : www.daxformatter.com/

  • Click on Format button
  • Now your DAX formula is in readable format and you can easily identify the DAX function and expression separately.
Reference from DAX formatter

Image Reference from : www.daxformatter.com/

  • Now copy DAX formula from here and paste it into Power BI DAX formula screen
Power Bi DAX formula

Power Bi DAX formula Screen

After convert, it is easy to read, thanks to DAX formatter for this amazing tool.

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