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Create a Hierarchy in Power BI

Power Bi Hierarchies

In Power BI Desktop you can create your own Hierarchies, it provides drill down action to the BI report.
When a visual has a hierarchy, it enables the ability to drill down for additional relevant details.

For example, you might have a visualization that shows the Region hierarchy with Sales and you want to drill down on a specific product category that is under-performing.

Let’s start with an example, if you don’t have sample data set you can download the same from below link

Create a Hierarchy

Step-1: Hierarchy Levels for data: Region > Product Category >Product Sub-Category

Step-2: Right click on Region filed then select “New Hierarchy”

Select Hierarchy

Select Hierarchy

Step-3: Region hierarchy created

Power Bi Hierarchy

Power Bi Hierarchy

Step-4: Now Add Product Category & Product Sub-Category under Region hierarchy.

  •  Right click on Product Category and click on Add to hierarchy then select Region Hierarchy
  •  Right click on Product Sub-Category and click on Add to hierarchy then select Region Hierarchy
Hierarchy Power Bi

Hierarchy Power Bi

Create a visual to using Hierarchy

Drag Pie chart to Power Bi page, drag Hierarchy to Legend and Sales to Values

Pie Chart with Hierarchy

Pie Chart with Hierarchy

Enable drill down on Pie chart

Step-1: Hover the Pie chart, four icons appears like below image.

  • First icon: It is used to drill up the data one step back
  • Second icon: It is used to enable drill down mode
  • Third icon: Display next level Hierarchy
  • Fourth icon: It is used to expend all Hierarchy
Enable Drill Down

Enable Drill Down

Step-2: For enable Drill down mode, click to second icon( Drill down icon).

Drill Mode on

Step-3: Now click on Pie chart any point, it will drill down and display to you Product Category under East Region.

Pie chart1

Step-4: Now click on any Product category, it will drill down to you Product sub category under that Category.


Step-5: See the final Product Sub category under that category.


Step-6: Now using Drill Up icon you can go back step by step

Drill Up

Drill Up

In same way you can use Next level hierarchy(icon 3) & Expand all hierarchy(icon 4).

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