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What is Power BI?

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Power BI is a very powerful Data Visualization and Business Analytics tool provided by Microsoft. It help us to provide interactive visualizations, dashboard & Bi Reports with self-service capabilities.

Using this tool we can connect with different-different data sources like Excel, Text/ CSV, SQL, Oracle and many more.

Who uses Power BI?

Mostly used by Technical or Data Analyst professionals but Non-Technical users also can use this.

It is very easy to use, within a few clicks you can create attractive visualizations for your business and no longer business users depends on IT person for gathering, transforming and analyzing data.

Use below link to download Power Bi Desktop latest version


Power BI Components are:

Components of Power BI

Components of Power BI

  • Power BI Desktop: It is free desktop application you can install this in your local computer & it is used to create reports and data visualizations on the data set.
  • Gateway: It is used to create connection between Power BI cloud Reports Data set and the data source located on-premises.
  • Mobile Apps: Using Power BI mobile apps, you can stay connected to their data from anywhere. Power BI apps are available for Windows, iOS, and Android platform.
  • Power BI Service: Power BI allows you to publish Power BI Desktop reports and data visualizations into Power Bi cloud.

What are Building Blocks in Power BI?

Building Blocks Power BI

Building Blocks Power BI

  • Visualizations: It is a visual representation of data to using Dataset in Power BI Report, like line chart, bar chart, column chart, map, Matrix etc.
  • Datasets: It is a collection of data that Power BI uses to create its visualizations.
  • Reports: Report is a collection of visualizations that appear together on one or more pages.
  • Dashboards: It is single screen presentation of multiple visualizations.
  • Tiles: It is a single visualization in a report or on a dashboard, like Pie chart in Dashboard or Report.

Types of Power BI Storage Mode:

Mainly Power BI support two types of Storage Mode

Some key Points of Power BI:

  • We can handle large amount of data easily.
  • More than 30+ visualization are available to using them we can create dashboard & reports.
  • Power BI support more then 200 DAX functions to using them we can perform complex calculations.
  • We can gather, transform, analyze, publish and share the data in Power BI.

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