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Multi row card selection Power BI


The Microsoft Power BI team released the Multi-Row Card selection feature in the March 2022 updates.

Refer – Multi row card visual

Using this feature you can now select rows in your multi row card to cross highlight and cross filter the other visuals in your report.

Unselected rows will dim to help you identify which rows you have selected, and you can ctrl or shift click to select multiple rows at once.

In the prior version, you could not select the rows of the multi-row card visual, and it was not clickable.

However, in the latest version, you can select the rows of the card and filter the data in other visuals in your report.

See the result-

Multi row card selection

Multi row card selection

As you can see in above screen shot, one row(Technology) is selected from multi row card and other visual data has filtered based on multi row card selection.

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