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Power BI – Sync Slicers

Power Bi Sync Slicer

Power BI ‘Sync Slicer’ synchronized the all pages where this filter or slicer have been applied. This new feature added in February 2018 update of Power BI Desktop.

Its also reduce the round trip query, that means each slicer query hit the database two times, once at the time page load and second when you select any value from slicer.

Let’s start with an example:

Suppose, you have 15 to 20 pages in your report and you are interested to see result of particular category of products in all pages, so in that case you have to selected same category one by one in all pages to see the result and it is time consuming process.

So in that situation, sync slicers help us to synchronized same slicer selected value to all pages where you applied this.

Let’s get started-

Suppose you have two page in your report, see below images for your reference-

Page 1: Refer below image for Page 1 visual details.

Power BI Report Page-1

Power BI Report Page-1

Page 2: Refer below image for Page 2 visual details.

Power BI Report Page-2

Power BI Report Page-2

Now enable Sync Slicers, follow these steps:

Step-1: Open Page 1.

Step-2: Go to View tab and click on Sync slicers.

Step-3: After that select Year slicer,  after that Sync slicers screen appears in right side as shown in below screen shot.  Now check the Sync for Page 1 & Page 2.

Enable Sync slicers in Power BI

Enable Sync slicers in Power BI

It has following three options:

  • Add and sync with all pages: Allow slicer to be synced in every page of report.
  • Visible: Allow slicer to be visible in selected Page.
  • Sync: Allow slicer to be synced in selected Page. (Slicer is not visible, but it is synced).

Step-4: Now Select any year in Page 1 and Sync slicer synchronized the Page 1 selected slicer value into Page 2 slicers, you don’t need to select slicer value on Page 2.

Sync slicer result

Sync slicer result

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