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Power BI Custom Theme JSON File

Custom Theme Power BI

Power BI comes with a many varieties of built-in report design themes that you can use in your reports.

When you create any report for your organization it is important to be consistent with your branding standards by using the same color schemes and logos.

But when it comes to applying custom color themes, such as your company brand colors, the process is very time consuming.

Using Custom Theme you can use your brand colors into Power BI Data colors list. After that Power Bi picks your selected colors automatically into visualizations.

Let’s get started-

Step-1: Create basic JSON file with your brand colors, file format as below & save file with .JSON extension.

 "name": "PowerBiDocs",
"background": "#ffffff",
"foreground": "#980249",
"tableAccent": "#980249"

Step-2: Power BI Theme has several colors options that affect the components of the report, they are-

  • Name– The name of the theme.
  • Foreground color– The color of the text used on the report.
  • Background color– The background color of the tables and buttons used on the report.
  • Table accent– A highlight color applied to parts of the table and matrix visualizations.
  • Data colors– An array of colors used for each series of data on a visualization. For example, a bar chart with three series would use the first three data colors from the theme.

Step-3: Now import JSON file, Click to View tab > Themes > Browse for Themes > Select JSON Theme File

Power Bi themes

Power Bi themes

Step-4: After Import Theme, it will change visualization default theme colors with JSON file colors.

Power BI Theme Import

Power BI Theme Import

After import file you can see your all brand colors under Data color properties.

Theme Data Colors

Theme Data Colors

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