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Power BI Text Box with Hyperlink

Power BI Textbox with Hyperlink

Power BI Text Box is a valuable feature for displaying report headings or title names on report pages.

It allows you to include multi-line paragraphs and even incorporate hyperlinks.

Let’s start with an example:

Step-1:  Go to Insert Tab, click on Text box.

Add Text Box to Report Page

Add Text Box to Report Page

Step 2:Next, enter text into the text box, and you can modify the text’s formatting, including font size, font family, alignment, and more.

Power Bi TextBox Properties

Power Bi Text Box Properties

Step-3: If you want to change Text Box background color then go to Format Pane and use below properties

  • Title: Enable this to change title name, font size, alignments, font color & background color of Text Box Title
  • Background: Using this you can change background color of Text Box
  • General: Set X & Y axis position, height & Width of Text Box

How to use Hyper link inside Text Box?

Select the text for the hyperlink and click on the “Insert Link” icon. Then, input the URL for navigation.

Please note that this URL will not function in Power BI Desktop. It will become operational only when you publish the report to Power BI Service.

For testing purposes, you can click on the URL within the HTML Text Editor bar.

Power Bi Hyperlink

Power BI Hyperlink

How to move Text Box in Power BI Page?

You cannot easily move a Text Box around the report page. To do this, you can either hover over the Text Box, double-click on the three dots, and then move the mouse to reposition it, or simply click on the Text Box border and drag it to your desired location.

Reposition TextBox

Reposition Text Box


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  1. If I add a measure that calls TODAY() to a text box, it is a hyperlink. You cannot turn off this hyperlink. This makes no sense.

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