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Pie and donut chart rotation

Rotate Pie & Donut chart

In this blog you will understand Rotation feature in Pie & Donut chart.

Microsoft Power BI team released Rotation feature in Nov-2021 updates. Using this feature you can now rotate the slices of Pie & donut chart.

Refer – Donut Chart visual

Currently, pie and donut chart slices are drawn in clockwise order, beginning at the twelve o’clock position, as you can see the below given screen shot-

Pie & Donut Chart

Pie & Donut Chart

But now you can adjust & rotate the Pie & Donut chart slices as per your choice. Following the below steps in order to rotate the slices-

Select the visual > go to Format visual tab > Click on Rotation >increase & decrease the rotation degree.

Rotation Feature Power BI

Rotation Feature Power BI

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