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Power BI – Direct Query Mode

Direct query mode power-Bi

Direct Query is a data connectivity mode allows you to Direct Connection with live data base. It does not load or copied data into Power BI model, because data directly came from data source.

When you click or interact with any visualization, due to direct connection mode queries are directly hit to database and you got the updated data into visualization. So there is no need of refresh the data.

Refer – Import Mode Vs Direct Query Mode Difference

Let’s get started-

Follow these steps in order to get data from SQL server to Power BI using Direct Query Mode-

Step-1: Go to Home tab> click on Get Data tab > Select SQL Server.

Get Data from SQL in Power BI

Get Data from SQL in Power BI

Step-2: After that one pop-up screen will appears,  enter you SQL Server name with database & select Data connectivity mode as Direct Query and click on OK button.

Direct Query Connectivity Mode

Direct Query Connectivity Mode

Step-3: After Load data it will appears under Fields Pane, here you can rename the dataset, just right click on data set and rename it.

How will you identify connection is Direct Mode or not?

You just hover the mouse on Data set name, it will show you Mode name as a Tool Tip. Also you can see storage mode name right hand bottom side.

Direct Query Mode - Check Data Storage Mode

Direct Query Mode – Check Data Storage Mode

Direct Query not support Data Tab, because it does not store data in Power BI cache or model. So Data Tab is not visible here.

Direct Query no data tab

Direct Query no data tab

Import mode support Data tab, because it stores data in Power BI cache.

Import Mode Data tab

Import Mode Data tab

Is it any way to see Data in Direct Query Mode?

Yes, you can see preview of loaded data help of Transform data, Go to Home tab, then Click on Transform data.

Transform Data

Transform Data

You can see in below screen shot-

Direct Query Mode - View Data

Direct Query Mode – View Data

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