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Power BI – Building a visual on-object

New On Object

In March 2023, Power BI released On-Object! It’s a new way of build and format visuals. You can now build and format visuals directly on Visual.

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This new approach makes the job of a developer much easier and faster, as you can use most of the things you need in one place.

Currently, Power BI has released this feature as "Preview features" so you have to enable it.

File > Options and settings > Options > Preview Features > On-object interaction. Then, restart desktop to see the new experience.

Preview feature 2023

Preview feature 2023

Now you can see that visualization pane is no longer available, you can find it under Insert tab.

New On Object

New On Object

Building a visual on-object

Step-1: Load data to Power BI Desktop

Step-2: Now you have two ways to add visual to canvas-

  • Go to Insert tab> You will see the all visual, add any one you want to add.
  • Right click to blank canvas, and you can see the Add visual
Add visual- On Object

Add visual- On Object

Step-3: If suggest a type is turn on- It will suggest you visuals automatically based on your choose data.

Suggest type on - Power BI

Suggest type on – Power BI

If it’s off – you can manually select visuals and add data. See the screen shot below.

Suggest a type turn off

Suggest a type turn off

By default “suggest a type” toggle is on, but you can mange the default setting of toggle-

File > Options and settings > Options > Report Settings> Uncheck Suggest a visual by default.


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