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Add Visual Zoom Slider in Power BI

Visual Zoom Slider Power BI

Power BI November 2020 updates – Power BI has released Visual Zoom Slider feature. Now you can add a Zoom Sliders to cartesian charts (chart which includes horizontal and vertical axes).

Enabling a Zoom sliders feature on chart allows you to easily examine a smaller range of the data in a chart without having to use a filter.

You can enable this feature for Stacked bar chart, Stacked column chart, line chart, Clustered Column Chart, Area chart, line & clustered column chart and line & stacked column chart etc.

Visual Zoom Slider Demo

Visual Zoom Slider feature 2020

Visual Zoom Slider – feature 2020


Download Power Desktop latest version – https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/downloads/

Sample Dataset download from here- Global Super Store Dataset

Let’s Get Started-

Follow these steps in order to enable Visual zoom slider-

Step-1:  Add a line chart to the Power BI report page with selected fields.



Step-2: Now enable the Zoom Slider – Select ‘Visual’ > Go to the Format bar > Turn on the Zoom Slider.

The ‘X’ and ‘Y’ axis toggles enable or disable the Zoom Slider for each axis.



Step-3:  Now turn on Slider labels & tooltips.

  • Slider-labels enables a new row of labels next to the slider indicating the full range of the data.
  • Slider-tooltips toggle makes tooltips appear as you click and drag each endpoint, showing you the value of your selection as you work with the slider.


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