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Page Navigator in Power BI

Page Navigator-Power BI

In this blog, you will gain an understanding of the Page Navigator feature in Power BI.

The Microsoft Power BI team released the Page Navigator feature in the November 2021 updates. With this feature, you can easily navigate from one page to another within the report.

When you select the Page Navigator option, page navigation buttons with automatically generated page names will be created for you.

Important Note :

The page navigator is automatically in-sync with your report pages, meaning:

  • Titles of the buttons match the page display names.
  • Ordering of the buttons match the order of your report pages.
  • The selected button is the current page.
  • As you add or remove pages in your report, the navigator will automatically update.
  • As you rename pages, the titles of the buttons will automatically update.

Let’s get started-

  • Add two three page in your report
  • Go to Insert tab > Buttons > Navigator > Click on Page navigator

Note: For every page you have to follow the same steps to enable page navigator, or else you can copy paste from one page to other.

Page Navigator Power BI

Page Navigator Power BI

Once you click on Page Navigator, it will create Page Navigation buttons for you. See the screenshot below.

Page navigator Result

Page navigator Result

At the desktop level, you’ll need to Ctrl + click to navigate to the desired page. In the service, it will work with a single click.

Formatting of Page Navigator-

Select Page Navigator > Format navigator

Shape: Change the shape & corners of Navigation buttons

Rotation: Adjust rotation of the navigation buttons


  • Change Text font size, color, alignment on button hover, press & select.
  • Fill the non selected page background.
  • Enable shadow & glow for buttons

Pages: You can add hide page in Page navigation

Grid Layout: Change the Orientation of Navigator like horizontal, vertical and Grid.

See the final result after formatting-

Page navigation result

Page navigation result

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  1. Any information on how users with screen readers can navigate the Page Navigator? I’m unable to drill down into the individual page buttons using keyboard shortcuts.

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