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Power BI – Get Web Page Data into Power BI

Web Page URL

In Power BI Desktop, Web Data Source allows you to import Web pages data for Analyze purpose and It’s imports only html table formatted data from web.

It’s a very cool feature if you want to quickly get some interesting data you find any web page while surfing and want to do some analysis.

So let’s start with an example:

Follow these steps in order to Get web page data into Power BI-

Step-1: Open Power Bi file

Step-2: Go to Home ribbon, click on Get Data then select Web

Power Bi Get Data from Web Page

Power Bi Get Data from Web Page

Step-3: In the From Web dialog box, paste the URL and click on OK


Web Page URL

Web Page URL for Get Data

Step-4: Select tables which data you want to load, then click on Load.

Load Data from Web Page

Load Data from Web Page

Step-5: Data loading started.

Selected Data Loading

Selected Data Loading

Step-6: Now you can use loaded tables for analysis.

Step-7: Using Power Query Editor, you can apply transformations to clean up the data.

  • Go to Home ribbon, then click on Edit Queries 
  • Select table from left side which you want to clean up
  • Double click on table header column name & write proper column name

Edit Queries

Power Bi Edit Queries

Power Bi Edit Queries

  • Remove column:  Right click on column name and click on Remove
  • Change Data Type: Select column and go to Transform ribbon, there is option for DataType
  • After that go to Home ribbon & click on Close & Apply
  • After transformation you gets updated data.

There are many option for Clean up and transformation of data, you can use one by one for more practice.

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