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Clear All Slicers in Power BI

Clear All Slicers in Power BI

Note: In the current version of Power BI, we have a ‘Clear All Slicers’ button. The blog below is based on an older version.

New Version –

Step-1: Go to Insert Tab> Button > choose “Clear all slicers”

Clear all slicers PBI 2023

Clear all slicers PBI 2023

Step-2: Select values from one or more slicers, and then click the ‘Clear All Slicers’ button to deselect the chosen values.

For old version-

Using Power BI Bookmark & Button you can clear multiple slicers selected values in one click.

Download Sample Dataset: Excel Sample Dataset for practice


Suppose you have multiple slicers in your report page & each slicer you have select some values, now you want to clear all slicers selected values on one click.

Let’s understand with an example:

Step-1: Report Page visuals with multiple slicers as below:



Step-2: Go to Home menu & under Insert ribbon click on Button & select Blank.

Power Bi Button

Power Bi Button

Step-3: Now change button name, Select blank button then under Visualizations Pane give name to button.

Button Properties

Step-4: Now create bookmark for button, Go to View Menu & check Bookmarks Pane, then click to Add button.

Power Bi Bookmark

Step-5: Rename the bookmark.

Rename Bookmark

Rename Bookmark

Step-6: Now link Bookmark with Button, Select Button from Page, then under Visualization Pane enable Action Pane & follow below properties

  • Type: Select Bookmark
  • Bookmark: Select Bookmark Name


Power Bi Action

Step-7: Now you can clear all selected slicers values on click of button. Use Ctrl+Click for button click.

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