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Power BI Analytics Pane

Power Bi Analytics Pane

Power BI, the Analytics pane is very cool feature in order to add dynamic reference lines to visuals and provide focus for important trends or insights.

The Analytics icon and pane comes under Visualization area of Power BI Desktop.

Dynamic reference lines supported by Analytics pane:

using Analytics pane, you can create the following types of dynamic reference lines-

  • X-Axis constant line
  • Y-Axis constant line
  • Min line
  • Max line
  • Average line
  • Median line
  • Percentile line
  • Symmetry shading

Let’s understand with an example:

Step-1: Download Sample data : SuperStoreUS-2015.xlxs

Step-2: Import Excel file to Power BI Desktop,  Example:- Import file in Power Bi

Step-3: Now take Line visual to Power BI page and drag Region & Sales columns from Orders dataset to Fields section.

Sample Data Set Line chart

Sample Data Set Line chart

Step-4: Let’s see Dynamic references lines for Line chart-

Double click on chart, then click on Analytics icon under Visualization pane.

Analytics Pane Power Bi

Analytics Pane Power BI

Step-5: Here, you have six types of line references available for Line chart, let’s start with MIN, MAX & Average line.


  • MIN : It draw a line on the basis of Min value
  • MAX: It draw a line on the basis of MAX value
  • Average: It draw a on the basis of Average of value

Step-6: Now expend Min Line & click on Add button.

Min Line Example

Min Line Example

Step-7: After click on add button, one Min line appears on your line chart visuals, now you can set Min line properties like, Line color, Data labels color, position & Display Unit etc.

MIN Line Properties

MIN Line Properties

Step-8:  Follow the Step No 6 & 7 for MAX, Average & Constant lines, see the final output as below.

Analytics Exmple with Min, MAX, Avg Lines

Analytics Example with Min, MAX, Avg Lines

Limitation of Dynamic references lines

Note : Reference from Microsoft Docs site

You may use x-axis constant liney-axis constant line, and symmetry shading on the following visual:

  • Scatter chart

You can use constant linemin linemax lineaverage linemedian line, and percentile line is available on these visuals:

  • Area chart
  • Clustered bar chart
  • Clustered column chart
  • Line chart, Scatter chart

The following visuals can use only a constant line from the Analytics pane:

The following visuals can use a trend line if there’s time data:

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