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Create Power BI first Report

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Create a first report with Power BI Desktop using Excel sample Dataset, let’s see with an example, Topics covered here as below:-

  1. Save Power BI Report file with appropriate name
  2. Import Excel data to Power Bi Desktop
  3. Rename Power BI Dataset
  4. Use visualization in Power BI Report page
  5. Rename Power BI Report page

Download & install the Power BI Desktop setup.

Download Power BI desktop setup from Microsoft official site, URL as below:


After Install, Double click on Power BI Desktop Icon & You will see some Basic details screen with some fields like, name, email, etc, just cancel that screen.

And behind this you will see empty power BI Report page. Below image for your reference.

Power Bi First Report

Power Bi First Report

Topic 1 : Save Power BI Report file with appropriate name

Go to Power Bi Header Menu “File” Tab, then click to “Save“, then give file name & click on Save button.

Power Bi Report file extension is .PBIX, don’t change this extension.

Save File in Power Bi

Save File in Power Bi

Topic 2: Import Excel Dataset to Power BI Desktop

Go to Header menu , click to Get Data and select Excel Datasource.

Import Mode in Power Bi

Import Mode in Power Bi- Select Data Source

After that select your excel file and click on Load button.

Topic 3: Rename Power BI Dataset

Earlier Field section was empty, after import Excel dataset all fields display under Fields section, from here you can change Dataset name.

Right click on Dataset, then click on Rename.

Rename Dataset

Rename Dataset

Topic 4: How to use Visualization in Power BI?

Click on Visualization Pane, there is more than 24 default visuals. Select Table visual to display data.

Double click on Table visual & Drag columns from fields section to Values.

Table Visual in Power Bi

Table Visual in Power Bi

Next to Values section, there is Format Icon, using this you can change the Font size, font color, height, width of Table visual.

Topic 5: Rename Report Page in Power BI

Right click on Default Page Name, there is many options like Rename Page, Duplicate Page, Hide Page & Delete Page.

Rename Page

Rename Page

you can add new Report page to click on Plus Icon button.

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