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How to switch Power BI new Ribbon format Bar to old Ribbon Bar

Power Bi Ribbon Format Bar

In Power BI Desktop, you can switch between the new Ribbon Bar and the old Ribbon Bar at any time.

Note: In the current version of Power BI, this feature is hidden under ‘Preview features.’ However, for the sake of knowledge, you can refer to the blog.

Let’s understand with an example:-

In Power BI Desktop latest version you will see below Ribbon Bar-

New Ribbon format Bar

New Ribbon format Bar

 Follow these steps to switch to Old ribbon bar-

Step-1: Click on File > Option and Settings > Options

Step-2: Click on Preview features > Unchecked Update ribbon > OK

Option Properties

Option Properties

Step-3: After that re-open your Power BI report.

Step-4: It will show you some warning just ignore it and you will see old version format Bar.

Old version Ribbon Bar

Old version Ribbon Bar

If you want switch again new Ribbon bar, follow the same step and check the Update ribbon option & re-open the report.

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