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Subscribe Power BI Report & Dashboard

Subscribe Power Bi Report & Dashboard

Power BI Service enables you to create email subscriptions for reports and dashboards. By utilizing this feature, you can receive updated snapshots of reports or dashboards via email.

You have the flexibility to configure the subscription email frequency, whether it’s daily, weekly, or triggered by data refresh.


  • To create a subscription, users should have a Power BI Pro license.
  • You can set up to 24 different subscriptions per report or dashboard per day.

So, let’s start with an example:

Step-1: Log in to your Power BI Service account, and open the report and dashboard you wish to subscribe to. In this example, I will set up a subscription for a report.

Step-2: Click the ‘Subscribe to Report’ icon.

Power BI Report

Power BI Report

Step-3: After that, ‘Create a Subscriptions’ button, and follow the steps below:

  • Subscription name: Please enter the subscription name.
  • Recipients: Enter the email addresses of the users to whom you want to send the subscription via email. You can enter multiple email addresses.
Create a Subscription PBI

Create a Subscription PBI

Step-4: Scheduled date and time-

Start and End date: Choose Scheduled Time & Zone with subscription start & end date.

Repeat: Select the frequency at which you wish to receive the email: daily, weekly, hourly, monthly, or upon data refresh.

  • After data refresh(Once daily): If you choose this option then you will get mail once a day after data refresh.
  • Daily: Receive the subscription daily on given time.
  • Hourly: If you choose Hourly, select the Scheduled Time you want the subscription to start, and it will run every hour after that.
  • Weekly: To receive the subscription email only on certain days, select Weekly and choose which days you’d like to receive it.
  • Monthly: If you select Monthly, enter the day’s of the month you wish to receive the subscription mail.

Schedule time: Choose the time at which you want to schedule your subscription.

Time zone: Select the time zone for subscription.

Set scheduled date and time subscriptions

Set scheduled date and time subscriptions

Step-5: Provide email subject and description.

Compose an email subject and message for the report. This is optional, and if your report has multiple pages, you can choose the specific report page for the email snapshot accordingly.

And last three check box option are optional: Select whether to include a link back to the content in Power BI and whether to give users access to the content you’re subscribing them to.

If you choose to include a link, ensure that all users have access to the report.

Email subject and permission to view subscription

Email subject and permission to view subscription

Step-6: Now, click ‘Save’. To test the subscription, open the subscription, click the email icon, and then click ‘Send now’.

Subscription send now

Subscription send now

This manual Send Now action doesn’t count against your limit of 24 scheduled subscription runs per day per report or dashboard.

Step-7: Check your inbox to view the subscription email.

Email Subscription mail

Email Subscription mail

Follow the same steps for dashboard subscription, and you can also choose a different report page for subscription.

Email subscription attachment

Microsoft release this “full report attachment as” feature in feb-2021 updates.

  • Add a thumbnail preview of the report page to the body of the email.
  • Add the full report as an attachment instead of only a single report page and select either PDF or PowerPoint. The size of the attachment is limited to no more than 20 pages and less than 25 MB. The attachment respects all privacy labels for the report.

Note: The report attachment requires you to have a premium upgraded workspace with a PRO or PPU user license. Otherwise it will not be visible to you.

Email attachment in subscription Power BI

Email attachment in subscription Power BI

How to Manage the Subscription?

Step-1: Go to the report datasets, then click to ellipse icon.

Dataset Settings

Dataset Settings

Step-2: After that click to settings > Select Subscriptions > Click to Edit Icon.

Manage Subscription

Manage Subscription

After that it will open the Subscription window and you can change accordingly, also you can delete the subscription to click delete icon.

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